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The Maharishi Effect

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In 1999 Acharya Rakesh Kumar Pandey began offering to the world the quintessence of this timeless wisdom by starting the Spiritual Regeneration camps in all over India. He founded the simple, natural technique of Meditation, and a natural approach towards life, which allows anyone to experience and utilize the source of infinite intelligence and creativity within – the field of pure consciousness. This effortless and systematic technique had been lost to human life until brought to us by Acharya Rakesh Kumar Pandey, inspired by his own teacher Maharishi Ji.

Acharya Ji organized his first international Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India in 1961, where a number of meditators, from countries including India, United States, Canada, Greece, Denmark, Germany, Malaya, Norway, Australia, Italy, and Britain, were present.

Acharya Ji introduced the Meditation program and Yoga. With the introduction of this program, it was postulated that the square root of one percent of the population practicing in the Meditation program, together at the same time and in the same place, would create enlightenment in the world.

Acharya Ji started traditional meditation technique learned from his master Maharishi Ji, and that he called Meditation. It was also then that he was first publicly known with the name “Acharya, Rakesh Kumar Pandey and after that, he was named as Yogi by Indian Pandits and their followers. Later this title changed themselves as their name. He has traveled more than two years in the whole Indian Pacific region and has research and interact to “Hindu Audience” related to Indian culture. At that time, he called his movement the Spiritual Awareness Movement but renamed it the Spiritual Growth Movement India. His visits to southern India, the Acharya Ji spoke English rather than the Hindi spoke in his home area to avoid provoking resistance among those seeking linguistic self-determination, and to appeal to the “learned classes”.