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Life is Bliss

guruji with budha ji

It is a common understanding that life is a struggle and a person should not have many wishes or desires.

But Maharishi has explained that having ambitions or desires is not the reqson for misery, it is our ability to fulfil them.

Ambitions and desires are a way to grow in life and Maharishi has given us a practical method by which we can attain satisfaction in every aspect of life. Maharishi’s main principal is that humans are not born to make Errors and mistakes. Life is given to enjoy, one should live 200% of life.

“The expansion of happiness is the purpose of life.”

All his principles are based on Vedic wisdom. “The vedas are the light of eternal wisdom leading man to salvation and inspiring him to supreme accomplishment. The vedas reveal the unchanging unity of life underlies the evident multiplicity of creation, for reality is both manifest and unmanifest, and that alone is. ‘I am That, thou art That and all this is That’, Is the truth; from the Bhagavad Gita and we see similar messages in most religious texts. Which is the kernel of Vedic teaching.

The truth of Vedic wisdom is by its very nature independent of time and can therefore never be lost.