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About Maharishi Kripa Shakti

Maharishi Kripa shakti Ayurveda is a collaborated company born out of the Noble intention of an eminent Vaidan”. Acharya, Rakesh Kumar Panday started this company 20 years ago, with a strong and deep-rooted conviction that Ayurveda could provide simple, yet effective solutions to the health care needs of myriads of people. Maharishi Kirpa Shakti wants to provide a healthy life for each and every human. We provide Ayurveda treatment for all diseases. Ayurveda made of many kinds of herbs and we have a solution for every disease. Kirpa shakti is founded with The mission of taking Ayurveda to every home all over the world. As the world is becoming virtual and digital, Ayurveda has become a need of the time.

The products of MKSA covers a wide range of therapeutic segments catering to bone health, diabetes, respiratory disorders, urinary tract infections, skin care, eye care, gynecological and obstetric care, cardiovascular disorders, pain management such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis among many others. Our, products have been designed and developed after meticulous research of the different Ayurvedic scriptures by our fundamental principles of processes of extraction while adopting modern techniques in their methods of manufacturing.

Our company believes Ayurveda is all about natural science and we can be healthier naturally.

By following a rigorous scientific process and addressing all the consumer needs, MKSA overcomes the challenges that Ayurveda industry faces today, to deliver products that are Safe, Effective and Pure. By, creating a network of clinics, Ayurveda Research and Development for product development, herbal garden development for authentic raw material sourcing and state of art manufacturing facilities, MKSA is regarded as one of the leading holistic healthcare providers in India.